Beyond Wrestling returned to action with WrestleTopia with two very well rounded nights of action. We Did It For The Hits was a good introduction to Beyond Wrestling but WrestleTopia stepped it up another notch. If you haven't heard of Beyond Wrestling and need a quick idea of what its all about then check out my review of We Did It For The Hits. Beyond Wrestling isn't like you've seen before in pro-wrestling, that's a guarantee.


J-Block vs. Chase Burnett- Jonah Block might just be my favorite Beyond Wrestling roster member I've seen thus far. He has a way about him and an expertise that tells me he can get way far in pro-wrestling if he really applies himself. I could see Block being a great fit in tournaments like Chikara's Young Lion's Cup or even Jersey All Pro's Best of the Light Heavyweights. If you haven't seen him you can liken him to a Matt Sydal or Azrieal, meaning great agility and tons of wacky offense to keep you interested. Chase Burnett can be categorized the same as Block as an undersized wrestler that while talented in the ring may need a character boost of sorts to really catch fire. Both men matched up well and you could tell both men are fairly familiar with each other so if you're a fan of X-Division type wrestling then this match fits the bill. I hate to drop the word "potential" a lot but these guys have loads of it and will only flourish by wrestling an even deeper talent pool.

Corvis Fear vs. Pitboss- Corvis Fear was matched up against Chris Dickinson's buddy, the menacing Pitboss. Dickinson and Fear aren't friends to say the least and Dickinson wanted to put Fear through the riggers and have him brutalized by Pitboss. However this was not Corvis Fear's first rodeo and while the Pitboss is a tough challenge, Fear knew he had to have eyes in the back of his head with Dickinson not too far away. I haven't seen much of Pitboss but I'd love to see him wrestle smaller guys and really showcase his strength. Something about Pitboss really reminds me of Mustafa, one of the Original Gangstaz from the old ECW days. I could tell he is relatively new to the pro-wrestling world but this guy yells intimidation waiting to be unleashed and I'd love to see more of his progression in 2011. As for Corvis Fear, I'm not sure what's in Beyond Wrestling for him if he can't shut up the younger hungrier Chris Dickinson. Dickinson vs. Fear in Beyond Wrestling is a match I'd like to see in the very near future.

Davey Vega vs. Jefferson Saint - Jefferson Saint is a character. If you haven't heard or seen him before then think Larry Zbyszko. Jefferson Saint is a total throwback and his shtick in Beyond Wrestling is too keep the females die, Hailey Hatred, Allysin Kay etc., out. Davey Vega is quite the opposite of Saint, a young upstart with plenty of promise and his only m.o. is too climb the ranks. Couldn't be more of a character clash in this one. The conclusion of this match didn't go quite as I expected and for my dollar I'd like to see Vega paired off with Jonah Block or Facade to see him really let loose and showcase his offense.

BS Express vs. Thomas "The Gate" Rodriguez & Giovanni Marranca -This bout was a great showcase of talent from American Championship Entertainment (ACE) promotion from New Jersey. The BS Express consist of Ed & Tom Scanlon, two big wrestlers that could really clean up the New Jersey tag scene if they wanted it. Rodriguez and Marranca are two wrestlers I haven't seen in quite some time but judging from this performance against the two bruisers they're well on their to make an impact this coming year. Whether Marranca and Rodrgiuez stay a team is up for debate but any tag team success would have to be found by going through the BS Express. In this match the competition was as even as it could get but this match a year from now could end drastically different

Chris Dickinson vs. Zack Novak - Chris Dickinson is looking to make a name in pro-wrestling and I can't blame him as he seems to have all the tools right now to jump out ahead of some older wrestlers on the circuit. As for Novak, he was caught by a very brutal Dickinson on the wrong night. Novak is another wrestler I would like a look at but in a straight up one on one match with a wrestler having similar tools. If I had to compare Novak to a wrestler of similar build I'd have to say fellow indy wrestlers Mike Sydal or Player "Stupefied" Dos, a wrestler with good aerial ability but maybe abit undersized, that could hurt in the long run. The finish to this match is truly outrageous as I can guarantee you've never seen anything like it. Look out for Chris Dickinson in 2011.



Chris Dickinson vs. Pitboss -Night 2 of WrestleTopia kicked off, shockingly, with Pitboss vs. Chris Dickinson. Beyond Wrestling management didn't approve of Dickinson's actions from the night before and as punishment pulled him from his main event match against Matt Cross. Rather, in spite of Dickinson, it would be Corvis Fear vs. Matt Cross and Dickinson would be forced into a match against his buddy, Pitboss. Dickinson wanted to part in this match but Pitboss was all in and this might be the start of some much needed aggression to his game. Now that Dickinson lost his backup he might become less mouthy but if I had to bet I would say no. Dickinson is a dangerous man and should be on everybody's radar, there's no telling what he'll do next.


Jonah Block vs. Jarek 1:20 vs. Zack Novak vs. Facade -This was my first look at Jarek 1:20 and Facade and I gotta say I was pleasantly surprised with both. I've seen Facade's name pop up on cards around Ohio but never really heard much press on him. Facade is his own character and off the top of my head I can't really compare him to anybody current or from the past. He impressed me in this four corner match but brought even more later in the night. Unfortunately Jarek 1:20 only wrestled once on this show as I would have loved to gotten another glimpse of what he can do. Jarek can go far and hopefully he makes a trip out to the east coast as I can see him fitting in very well whether it be Chikara, CZW or otherwise. Jonah Block, as usual, delivered in this match. If Beyond Wrestling had a top belt I would want Block to run with it.

Allysin Kay vs. Jefferson Saint - Jefferson Saint was in his zone as he got to square off against a woman and one has to hand it to Allysin Kay as she had the fortitude to step in the ring against him. Allysin Kay hung in there as long as she could and truthfully had the Beyond Wrestling locker room at her back in support but Jefferson Saint is a bully and can only pull this stuff for so long before it back fires on him and meets his match. The story here may have happened after the bell as he called out Hailey Hatred, another Beyond Wrestling wrestler. No disrespect to Kay but something tells me Hatred would put up abit more of a fight against Saint and maybe, just maybe, send the robed one packin'!


Chase Burnett vs. Facade - Facade totally stepped up in this match and impressed the hell out of me. Half the moves he did I couldn't name and the other half I couldn't even believe. I hate to say it but Facade almost overshadowed Burnett completely and that's not to belittle Burnett, more or a less a testament to how much Facade impressed, I believe even some of the boys popped for his offense. I'm hoping Facade is all over future Beyond Wrestling DVD releases.


Matt Cross vs. Corvis Fear -This match was fun and totally, completely wacky. Cross, upon realizing what Beyond Wrestling was, wanted no part of it and wanted out. However Corvis Fear wouldn't hear any of his cockiness and take the fight to the ring veteran. What happened in this math is beyond (pun intended) my explanation. This is a match you won't find on Monday, Thursday or Friday nights, you'll only find something like this in Beyond Wrestling!


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