By Pat Novak




Unbelievable what these kids are up to nowadays, and how they're going about making a name for themselves. Unless you've been living under a rock for the past year, you already know that Beyond Wrestling isn't your average indy promotion. It's a small, intimate get together for a bunch of younger talent, taking place (of all places) in a storage garage somewhere near the suburbs of Sanduski, Ohio (or so it's rumored). This group of nutty up and comers aren't doing it for the fans, there aren't any in attendance. The only people watching, are the other wrestlers themselves- and talk about a tough crowd! With no fans in attendance, they're obviously not in it for the money- there's none to be had. They're either doing it because they just love it, or maybe because they're looking to get a little exposure. Maybe it's the idea that they can work together to show their talent. That the only thing holding them back from looking good, is themselves.

Or they're just plumb crazy.

Some of the matches from "Of Boss and Busters" are available on Beyond Wrestling's You Tube channel, but they've released a DVD through Smart Mark Video (SMV), and from all accounts, they're selling like the proverbial hot cake. So after you read this thing, maybe you might want to run over there and see what's available.

In the old days, it was all about the mat based offense- arm bars and hammer locks. Stuff that would put today's fan to sleep...probably today's fan's parent as well. The days when Mil Mascaras and his high flying body press from the top rope sent a crowd home happy - or where throwing your opponent over the top rope would earn you a disqualification- that stuff doesn't sit well anymore. The days where the pile driver was banned in certain states, and the folding chairs at ringside were made of wood- I'm never so reminded that those days are over, then when I pull up a seat at one of these independent wrestling shows, and find myself threatened with ejection for not putting out my cigar. Now these kids are taking it a step further. They've concocted a bunch of scary looking maneuvers that would cripple a normal man of average means. Stuff you won't see on the USA Network on Monday Nights. In fact, you won't see any of this stuff anywhere- except right here on the independent wrestling scene. So enjoy it.

Although some of these guys were more polished than others, I was impressed with the whole lot of them to be honest. I had to do a double take at that half empty bottle of Evan Williams, wondering why I'd made the switch from Jim Beam, but realizing it was probably the price- when I took a look at this Jefferson Saint fellow. I convinced myself that I must have thrown in an old Southwest Championship Wrestling tape from 1981 and was watching a young Tully Blanchard getting down to business. Only he moved like Arn Anderson, and had the precision of a cat who just cornered a canary in a filing cabinet. I realized it was the real deal when I saw him beating the crap out of my wacky nephew, Zack Novak, who didn't fare to well against Saint in the second match of the DVD. Poor kid almost had to have his knee amputated with all those chops and take downs Saint was dishing out, and it probably would have been less painful. Keep an eye out for Zack however, as I can testify that he's wound up a little too tightly, and doesn't play well with others. But the kid has heart, and it shows up all over this Beyond Wrestling offering. He's in three matches. Maybe that's why he's always emptying my freezer of all it's ice. Damn kid didn't even have the decency to leave me enough for an Old Fashioned. Oh well, at least the beers were cold anyway.

Being that I spent a lot of time in Jersey over the years. I'd heard a lot of gruff about this Chris Dickinson kid. Apparently he stepped on a few toes over at Jersey All Pro Wrestling, and was being shown the door. Dickinson popped up on this DVD against another guy I've heard of, but never seen before- Eric Alverado. Damned if those guys didn't set the pace for the rest of the DVD, as they pretty much hit each other with everything but the kitchen sink. Yea, I said it, even if it is 1950 talk. In fact, I wouldn't have been surprised if Dickinson pulled out a kitchen sink and waffled Alverado with it. He might as well have, and he sure needed it- Alverado was able to pick up the victory. And what do you know, only a couple of weeks ago I see on the internet that Chris Dickinson is not only back in Jersey All Pro, he's got himself a tag team championship. Maybe this thing does get you noticed!

Another guy I've caught a few times around the tri state area, was Corvis Fear. This is a gentleman who's known for some pretty innovative stuff in the ring- he should of brought some of that on his way to the ring, where he attempted some fancy pants entrance, and found himself tripping over his two left feet. You know what they say about first impressions, well Fear's performance might be better remembered for the final impression he left on Shawn Blaze. Even the announcers Matt Wadsworth and Denver Colorado were at a loss for words when describing Corvis Fear's command of the wrestling language. This whole DVD is written in it! All of these kids bring that creativity to the table.

For the most part, there were no story lines going on in this DVD. This wasn't really about character development than it was just showing off what you could do in the ring (or how much abuse you could take). There was one character however, who made it known that he wasn't out there to impress anyone but himself. Dave Vegas, who came off as owning a real shitty disposition at times. A tough, hard individual with a heart big enough to hide behind a piece of birdseed. It must work for him however, as even the workers who were watching ringside were sick of seeing him. That would include his tag team partner Steve West, who would pull off something that I wouldn't have even imagined- a Cobra Clutch suplex. Poor Christian Faith, of the tag team Faith In Nothing, who found himself on the losing end of that proposition. West would get thrown off of the pin however by Vegas, who would steal the victory for himself- setting the table for a bout between the two later in the DVD.

Speaking of Faith In Nothing, they grace the DVD in two separate matches. Worth the price of admission alone if you ask me- and you can ask me while I'm sober, you'll get the same answer. I've seen a bunch of their matches out there in Ohio, and even a couple here on the East Coast, and there aint nothing like them. These head muckety mucks that run the big independent promotions like Ring Of Honor, Dragon Gate USA- they should pay these kids some mind. If they don't, someone else will.

I won't go on and on, although I probably could, and probably will later tonight- in some poor sap's ear while we're on the pour at the gin mill, but I was happy to receive this DVD in the mail for the review, and I have to thank the guys from Beyond Wrestling for sending it. I'll be making sure to keep up with their latest happenings over at that You Tube channel, and for sure I'll be looking at their latest DVD offerings over at Smart Mark- and you should too!