On the weekend of April 2nd & 3rd, Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) once again teamed up with their big brother promotion the National Wrestling Superstars (NWS), to co-present the annual Women's J-Cup Tournament with the winner receiving a future World Title shot at the Champion Mercedes Martinez. It would be Alicia who would go the distance to take home this year's trophy, and more importantly, a June 26th date with destiny, her the shot at a piece of history. When Alicia made her return to action in mid 2009, anyone familiar with the Hackensack native knew it would only be a matter of time before her name was on the tip of the champion's tongue, and a match with Mercedes Martinez would be signed. It would be no easy task, but before the entire weekend was over, Alicia would find herself to be the big winner through and through.

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On the first match of the night, Alicia took on up and comer Tina San Antonio. Although big things may be expected for San Antonio, Alicia, former World, Tag, and Spirit title holder, was just getting the motor started. She was able to quickly dispatch of the young Brooklyn, NY native.

San Antonio's tag team partner Marti Belle took on the current and reigning Spirit Champion Brittney Savage. The Spirit Champion was accompanied to the ring by manager Rick Cataldo. The pair have worked the art of deception to a science. One monopolized the attention of the official while the other systematically took out Belle. It was a bad night all around for the Belle Saints, and Brittney Savage found her way into the second round.

Jana made it clear before the start of this bout that she had respect for Jazz and all of her accomplishments in squared circle, but also made no bones about going out to the ring with only destruction on her mind. Fresh off her submission match victory over former partner and bitter rival Latasha, Jana must have felt momentum behind her going into this match, but it wasn't to be. Jazz has stated that this wasn't a one time thing, and went about proving that by soundly defeating Jana in the first round of this tournament.

This was a moment that Angel Orsini had been looking for since last Christmas. Nikki Roxx showed her true colors when she pearl harbored Orsini during a match with Jazz in Flemington at "Awesome Challenge". There was big talk going into this match, as it was originally to take place at WSU's 3rd Anniversary show. In the days leading up to the event, it became clear that Orsini wasn't really as interested to win the tournament, as she was to get her hands on Roxx. Angel would keep her wits about her however, and took her revenge out with a pinning combination that followed her finisher "The Kiss Of Death". It was a monumental victory for Orsini, who's cooler head prevailed. At that point it became obvious that Orsini was gunning for that title shot. Orsini would advance to round two, while Roxx was left to rue the day.


This would be a day of vindication for Alicia, who not only would win the tournament, but also to have an opportunity to step in the ring with the woman who defeated her for the Spirit Championship a month ago in Union City at WSU's 3rd Anniversary Show. Savage has been a bit of a thorn in the side, and with this victory, Alicia was able to remove it for the time being. A disappointing loss that even the dastardly high heeled manager Rick Cataldo wasn't able to save his charge from. On the other hand, a solid victory for Alicia who would advance to the finals.

In a match that began in Flemington NJ at "Awesome Challenge", but was broken up by a bitter Nikki Roxx who wanted revenge, newly inducted WSU Hall Of Fame Jazz took on Angel Orsini. Two women who have fought for and against one another over the course of their careers, go at it one more time with everything on the line. For Angel, it's one more shot at the WSU Worlds Championship, finally. Ever since that last loss to Martinez in the Iron Woman match, Orsini has been barred from receiving World Title opportunities. WSU and NWS officials agreed to allow her into the tournament, and would grant the title shot should Orsini walk away victorious. For Jazz, it seemed like one last grab at the gold. One last chance to have her name at the top of the card. In a profession that's almost impossible to walk away from, this was an opportunity to put Mercedes Martinez on notice. It would be Angel that would have it though, and just as she had put Nikki Roxx away earlier in the night, Jazz would fall from "The Kiss Of Death" as well. Two former WSU World Champions were now in the finals.

When Angel Orsini and Alicia locked up collar and elbow back in Boonton during the summer of 2008, the moment was surreal. Here was the first woman to ever hold the WSU Championship, facing the woman who would put the promotion on her shoulders and carry it into a new era. When Alicia left WSU and dropped the title in 2007, question marks loomed on the horizon. Serious doubts about the promotion's survival crept in as it was almost impossible to envision a future for WSU without the Hackensack native. In fact, the WSU Championship bounced twice in a short amount of time, but it was Angel Orsini would take control of the title and bring prestige to the championship. Ultimately, she would lose the title to current champion Mercedes Martinez, but it was Orsini who set the pace and gave Martinez a head start in making the WSU Championship the most sought after women's championship in the independents.

On this night, the past's past, and the past's future would collide to decide who would get that one opportunity at the gold. In a bout that Orsini must have known would be the closest she would get to earning a WSU Championship title shot, she came up just short. It was a heartbreaking loss for the veteran. The comeback story for Alicia was too strong.

After the match, the tournament's competitors entered the ring to congratulate the winner. Also on hand was WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez, who entered the ring to deliver her own congratulations, and a message. The message was that she had been keeping her eye on Alicia the past few months, and knew it was only a matter of time before their paths would cross. Both women look forward to facing each other down on June 26th in Union City, NJ at the ACE Arena.

Martinez would go on to defend the WSU World's Title against number one contender Amber O'neal on this night. In a tough battle, Martinez was able to defeat her opponent from the "Dirty South", with her patented "Fisherman's Buster".

Although Amber O'neal may have lost this bout, she proved herself to be quite the crafty competitor, nearly scoring a shocking victory. During the bout, it was quite obvious that Martinez was the more skilled veteran, O'neal proved that her underhanded tactics and smoke and mirrors, are almost enough to put herself on top. This is nothing to take away from the challenger, as O'neal is one of the best workers out there today. It's more of a statement on just how good Mercedes Martinez is today. She's in a league of her own at this moment, but later this year, she'll have to face the biggest challenge of her WSU Title reign, and maybe even her career.

In a non tournament NWS bout, the team of "Too Cocky" Kevin Mathews and Danny Demanto, otherwise known as "The Commandos" defeated the team of Balls Mahoney and Mikey Pacifica, who were escorted to the ring by legendary grappler, and former World Wrestling Federation (WWF) Champion The Iron Sheik. During the match, Pacifica may have sustained a serious injury at the hands of Mathews and Demanto, who showed absolutely no remorse for their actions.

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