On Saturday Night, April 3rd, 2010, the night before Easter Sunday, and while the Catholic Church across the street held court for their "Holy Saturday" ceremony, a different sort of religion was being preached down in the basement of the Presbyterian Church only a few hundred feet away. Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) and the National Wrestling Superstars (NWS) held their jointly promoted 2010 King and Queen event, an eight team single elimination tournament. The event has become a yearly institution for the promotions, and one that the men and women who make up both rosters, hope to gain a spot in. Although there is not much to gain from winning this tournament, no title shots, no promises of advancement in either company, the tournament has become bragging rights, and with winners in the past such as Miss April and Jay Lethal, no one can deny there is something to say about winning the tournament.

Just as Alicia had been successful the night before in winning the Women's J Cup, she would find herself on the winning team for the King and Queen Tournament. Along with partner Devon Moore, who was a sudden substitute for original partner Danny Demanto, the pair would go through three teams to take home the crowns. It would be no easy feat.

Snapmare was on hand to cover the event, so let's get down to business!


Originally it was planned that Danny Demanto would team up with Alicia for this year's tournament. Demanto, having made it to the King And Queen finals for the past three years, made it known that this was the year he would win the whole thing. Having Alicia as his partner almost ensured that the victory was at hand. His actions from the previous night however, would change the complexion of the tournament, and ultimately crush his opportunity to wear the King's crown at night's end. Alicia, having seeing what Demanto and Kevin Mathews did to her friend Mikey Pacifica, decided that she could no longer team with Demanto. Saturday Morning, she contacted WSU/NWS officials and stated that either she found another partner, or she would withdraw from the tournament. NWS was able to contact Devon Moore, who was more than willing to step up and take Demanto's place.

To say that Danny Demanto was not happy with this arrangement, would be an understatement. Forced to locate a partner, Danny was less than thrilled to find that the only woman available the day of the tournament was Marti Belle, from the tag team Belle Saints. Although Belle is another up and comer who WSU officials are excited over, Demanto obviously saw his chances of winning the tournament dwindling before his very eyes. His premonitions would prove correct as the pair were eliminated in the first round by the very team that Danny was banished from. While Devon Moore and Alicia moved onto the second round of the tournament, Demanto placed the blame for the loss solely on the shoulders of the young Belle. She would return the gesture with one of her own, a slap to the face of Demanto. It would be a fitting end to his evening.

Kevin Mathews was excited to learn that his tag team partner would be former WSU World Champion, and TNA Knockout Nikki Roxx. Together, they would take on the team of J. D. Smoothy and another former WSU Champion in Angel Orsini. For Angel Orsini, it would be a bitter end to her weekend, as she and Smoothy would come up short against the heel team of Mathews and Roxx who would become the second team to advance to the second round.

Rookies seems to be the word in WSU these past few months, and now there's one more to be excited over. Niya made her WSU debut teaming up with "Jumping" Joey Janella, albeit unsuccessful, as they took on and lost to the team of Jana and Nicky Oceans. Although Niya and Janella seemed to gel very well as a tag team, Jana and Pacifica's game plan revolved around the "Jana Vice", and she would get the victory after locking Janella into the dreaded finisher. Jana and Oceans become the third team to advance to the second round.

Bison Bravado came out of retirement for the annual King and Queen Tournament, and what better partner could he have chosen than the woman who up until the previous night was undefeated? Bravado thought he had assured himself a spot in the finals with Amber O'neal as his partner, but at the time, he couldn't have known that their opening round opponents would be none other than former Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstars Balls Mahoney and Jazz. Mahoney and Jazz have been friends for years, and their chemistry would be too much for Bison and O'neal to overcome. The former television superstars would be the final team to enter the second round.

Oceans must have been happy going into round 2. His tag team partner had just submitted a male opponent. Although Devon Moore is a much more accomplished athlete than the younger Joey Janella, surely Jana would be able to handle herself with the former IWA and CZW combatant. One thing he didn't take into account however, was this was the weekend of Alicia, and after hitting her finisher 'A Bomb' on Jana, it was enough to propel their team into the finals.

At this point in the tournament, most everyone believed that it would be the team of Balls Mahoney and Jazz that would face Alicia and Moore in the finals of the tournament, and for the first few moments of the contest, it appeared that those same people would be correct. Jazz and Balls monopolized the early goings of the bout, and seemed to have the team of Roxx and Mathews on the ropes. Bison Bravado and Amber O'neal would see things differently however, and entered the ringside area to change the direction of the match. While Bravado kept Mahoney distracted, O'neal would use the opportunity to slide in the ring to kick an unsuspecting Jazz in the lower abdomen, and followed up the rude greeting with a devastating DDT. These events would significantly change the outcome of the tournament, and send the team of Kevin Mathews and Nikki Roxx to the finals.



With Bison Bravado and Amber O'neal spoiling the efforts of Jazz and Balls Mahoney, The team of Kevin Mathews and Nikki Roxx looked to capitalize on the shenanigans to take home the crowns. They would have their hands full with the team of Devon Moore and Alicia. While both teams fought valiantly for the victory, only one could win, and while "Too Cocky" Kevin Mathews was kept busy with the high flying antics of Devon Moore, Alicia found the right opportunity to hit her finishing maneuver the "A Bomb" on the worked over Nikki Roxx for the three count.

Mercedes Martinez, watching the events unfold from the locker room, made her way out to ringside after the crowns were handed out to the winners. Martinez used the opportunity to congratulate Alicia on both of her victories over the weekend. She also let Alicia know that she wasn't taking her lightly, and that on June 26th, the champion was going to be fully prepared for the challenger, and that Alicia should be prepared as well. The pair shared a friendly hug, followed by some private words that the challenger had for Martinez.

It was an incredible weekend for "The Comeback Kid".

In other bouts, Mercedes Martinez, the WSU World's Champion defended the top prize in an impromptu match with the returning Melissa Coates. Martinez made her way out to the ring in her gear, and laid out an open challenge to anyone in the locker room that wanted a title shot. She didn't have to wait long as Coates, who just happened to be on hand, took the opportunity and made her way out to the ring. Although Coates appeared to be in spectacular shape, Martinez made quick work of the veteran. Surprisingly, it wasn't Martinez's patented finisher "The Fisherman's Buster" that she would use to put Coates away, it was a new submission move that the champion has been secretly working on that would be the challenger's undoing, "The Dragon Sleeper". It would prove to be entirely too much for Coates to use her power to abstract herself from.

Brittney Savage also was on hand to defend her Spirit Championship against new comer Tina San Antonio. Although San Antonio came up short during her matches over the weekend, the youngster drew mostly praise from WSU and NWS officials. It is believed that San Antonio's future looks bright, and that within time, she will find herself to be a valuable player for WSU. On this occasion however, she would find herself on the short end of the stick. Whether it was due to her pin fall loss to her bitter nemesis Alicia the previous night at the J Cup, or maybe even her loss to champion Mercedes Martinez last month at Impact Championship Wrestling (ICW), Savage badly wanted a victory to sustain her run as Spirit Champion. She was victorious on this night.

All in all, a fun weekend for the NWS/WSU joint venture.

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